Monday, January 29, 2018

Free Gifts for Rasel Smartphone Repair Customers

Good news for all Rasel Smartphone Repair customers!

We are giving you an exclusive free gift when you send in your smartphone or gadget to be repaired at our Service Counter at the 1st Floor of Low Yat Plaza starting from today.

You can choose either a brand new Toughened Glass Screen Protector ; a durable Silicone Rubber Open Casing or a Flip Cover Casing for your precious Smartphone!

This Free Gift is available for every valuable customer of Rasel Smartphone Repair on a first come ; first served basis and while stocks last.

So, come on over to have your smartphone or gadget serviced and claim your free gift.

RASEL SMARTPHONE REPAIR - Best Service ~ Satisfaction Guaranteed!


  1. bro,redmi note 5a unable to onn..suspect masuk air!!rate price estimate brape ye?

  2. hi samsung galaxy A5 2015 crack sikit dalam 1mm tapi screen gone black but phone still working. repair berapa ye?


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