Friday, June 10, 2016

Smartphone Repair Service at Low Yat Plaza. Call RASEL +60105398421

    Having problems with your Smartphone, iPad, Tablets or any other gadgets?

Don't worry! Bring it over to RASEL SMARTPHONE REPAIR service corner for a free checkup!

I am located right at the entrance area of LOW YAT PLAZA from the road bordering Plaza Imbi. You can't miss me. LOT G-018, GROUND FLOOR.

That's me in the photo below!

Click here to watch a testimonial of a customer of mine.

I look forward to serving you and solve your Smartphone repair problems. Reasonable service fees and professional quality work. Prompt service.

                               My operating hours are from 10.30am to 9.00pm daily. 

Just head on over to the Imbi Entrance at LOW YAT PLAZA to visit RASEL SMARTPHONE REPAIR at LOT G-018, GROUND FLOOR where you will find my repair service right before you. You can call me at +60105398421 anytime.

No worries. Rasel is here to take care of your Smartphone's problems. Bring it over!


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  3. Samsung j7 masuk air laut bpe ye klu repair..


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